Thanks for all your assistance – it has been so easy and seamless working with you.
Caroline Jager
Mount Carmel

Awesome, your service is outstanding!
Todd Smith
Ambulance Tasmania

The quality of the videos has been fantastic, you guys have been easy to work with and the pricing very reasonable.
Simon Horrocks
Marketing Manager
ViFX Cloud Infrastructure
Auckland NZ

AWESOME!!!!! Well done guys, you are fantastic at what you do!
Simone Horvat
Human Resources Communication Administrator
Caterpillar Underground Mining

Their collaborative, honest approach to achieving the right essence of the brand is matched only by their dedication to the quality of every small detail in the post production stages.
Rick Marton
Brand and Culture Architect
Effective Naturally

It would be impossible for you to provide a better service that what you have done today! Thanks!!!!
Brett Engeman
Managing Director
Autodata Australia

The team at Firefly were extremely helpful, friendly, and accommodating of our needs. We are very pleased to recommend their service.
Joy Clements
Marketing & Communications Officer
Hobart City Mission

I recommend you guys to everyone!

Mark Banovich
Elite Appliances

Thank you for the excellent service, professionalism and creativity! The production was well polished and beautifully executed.
Stuart Harris
Manager Marketing & Development
MS Society

I found Firefly Media to be creative, professional and very easy to work with. We were thrilled with the commercial they produced to promote our event – it was very simple but very stylish.
Sophia Elliott
Director of Marketing & Development
Fight Cancer Foundation